Fish Lake Alliance


We are united to protect the lands and waters around Fish Lake; and support the cultural heritage and rights of local First Nations.

The Fish Lake Alliance will assemble expert reports on the proposed mine and make them available to the public.

We encourage people, community groups, and businesses in the Cariboo-Chilcotin to join us, and speak out to protect the Fish Lake watershed.


Footprint of New Prosperity Mine superimposed on Williams Lake

The Fish Lake Alliance has been approved for Interested Party Status in the upcoming CEAA Panel hearings.

New Prosperity - 2nd Deficiency Report

The Federal Panel studying the ‘new prosperity’ mine proposal has submitted a second deficiency request to Taseko mines.  This time there are 11 problems that still need to be addressed before hearings can move forward.  The new deficiency report can be found on the Federal Panel website. Click here for the report.

Driverless Trucks - the Future of mining?

Some mines are already using driverless trucks using GPS and wireless network systems.  Are they being considered at New Prosperity?

Click here for news article.

Komatsu web site on autonomous trucks